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Camp Employment FAQ


What kinds of jobs are available at Mosholu?
Each camp group is led by a Head Counselor. Head Counselors help children adjust to camp, act as liaisons with Unit Leaders, organize and implement activities, and train and supervise their Counselors.  The Head Counselor must be at least college aged or  older.  Teaching or camp experience is a must!
ASSISTANT & JUNIOR COUNSELORS: Assistant & Junior counselors work with one camp group all summer.  They lead and coach activities, mentor children for success, encourage campers in resolving conflict and help their group evolve into a cohesive and spirited unit. The Assistant Counselor is at minimum a High School graduate, while the Junior Counselor may be a High School Student above the age of 16
ACTIVITY SPECIALISTS: Activity Specialists (tennis, arts, dance, farm, etc.) work alone or in teams led by a Program Director.  Specialists organize and teach activities in their area of expertise.   The Swim Supervisor implements instructional swim and must be WSI certified. They supervise the swim crew (lifeguards) and General Counselors in the pools. Swim Staff lifeguard, teach swim, lead water games and activities, and help ensure every child’s safety in the pool. They also take an active role in boating and all must be Waterfront LGT certified.

Can I choose what area and what age I work with?

We work hard to place people in the age group we feel they would work best.  We require staff to be flexible, since situations arise where you may be asked to work in a different capacity than expected. It is our staff’s flexibility and commitment to putting children first that has built our reputation as a quality camp!


What are camp’s dates for next summer?

There are several pre-season training days in June  and you will be required to work the entire camp season - 8 weeks- Monday through Friday

What are the hours?

Bus Pick up  is usually around 7:45 a.m. and we arrive back at about 5:30 p.m.  If you miss the bus, you will not be able to work that day.  The bus does not wait for staff.

Do I have to be there every day?

Yes, every staff member is required to be at Mosholu every day of the camp season. Consistency and continuity with our staff is crucial to our campers’ learning and enjoyment! If you have unexcused absences, your employment may be compromised.

What if I have a family reunion/college orientation/friend’s wedding that I MUST attend?

If your College Orientation conflicts with camp, you are allowed two days of excused absences to attend – as long as you provide Mosholu with a letter from your school stating the Orientation dates.  
Vacations must happen before camp begins in June and after camp ends in late August, and personal appointments should not be scheduled during camp days unless absolutely necessary. Keep in mind that the mid- June orientation dates are also required days of attendance.  If there is a commitment that is unavoidable during the summer, you must discuss this with your Unit Leader and obtain their prior approval for the time missed. You will not be paid for days missed. Emergencies, of course, happen. If you are very ill or have a medical or family emergency, please let us know right away, preferably by 7:30 AM that day (if not the evening before).  In all cases of absence, please give Mosholu as much advance notice as possible. We may need to provide staff coverage so our campers’ days can continue to run smoothly!


What will my salary be?

Every position’s pay is different.  The salary has to do with schooling, experience and years at Mosholu. We can discuss your salary with you at your interview.

How often will I be paid?

Staff members are paid every two weeks.  A time sheet will be provided and it is you must sign in and record your daily attendance.  Remember, you will only be paid for days that you worked.

Are there ways for me to earn more money?

Staff can earn additional pay by serving as Transportation counselors (riding on buses to and from camp with campers each day, ensuring their safe arrival and return home).   If you wish to become a bus counselor, you will be able to apply by expressing interest on the application or by speaking with the Transportation Director on the first day of orientation.


Does the camp provide my lunch?

Mosholu does not provide lunch for staff and you should be prepared with your own lunch and beverage each day.

Is there time off during the day?
We try to work in a break during the day but typically our staff stays with the campers and ensures their safety, even during lunch.  Those staff members that do not work directly with children will be working on various planning and projects during their lunch time.

Can I leave camp during the day?

No. You will need to be at Mosholu for the entirety of each camp day, including lunch. If you must leave during the day for an emergency, you are required to obtain authorization from your Unit Leader


Can I bring my cell phone to camp?

You may, but staff members are expressly prohibited from using cell phones – including taking pictures, texting or reading messages – while they are with campers. This also includes the bus ride to and from camp.  We are very serious about this rule. The campers expect and deserve your full, undivided attention and care at all times; cell phone use is not only unprofessional, it is unsafe and unfair to both your campers and to other staff on your team. You should not use your cell phone “to tell the time” – we ask that you buy an inexpensive, waterproof watch for camp and keep your cell phone safely tucked away!   If you need to make an important call, you can come to the office and ask to use the camp phone.  Please note that cell phone service is extremely poor at the camp. If you need to, feel free to ask the camp office or a camp supervisor to lock your phone for safe keeping. The camp is not responsible for lost or stolen phones.

Can I post pictures, or use names, of campers on Facebook or other sites?

Absolutely not!! Doing so is grounds for dismissal. Putting names or images of campers on websites puts children in danger, whatever the intentions of the person doing the posting. Parents entrust their children to us during the summer and it is our mission to protect them from any sort of public exposure. We also expect you to set high privacy settings on your Facebook and other web pages, and NEVER “friend” a camper, even if the camper initiates the “friending.” Parents WILL look up their children’s counselors online, and whatever you post will reflect upon you and upon Mosholu. Do not post information or staff pictures/videos that feature smoking, drinking, are provocative, etc. since you are expected to positively represent yourself as a responsible adult caring for children.


Is there a dress code?
Staff members must dress appropriately.  You will be required to wear a Mosholu staff shirt.  You may not cut the shirt in any way.  Please be prepared to get dirty everyday.  Do not wear expensive sneakers or clothing that will in any way hinder you from working to your potential.Except for Swim Staff, all staff members are required to wear sneakers every day (with closed backs). We do NOT allow sandals, “Crocs” or flip-flops as they are not safe during the active camp day!We ask that staff wear conservative and minimal jewelry for safety reasons.

What should I bring each day?

Every day counselors will go swimming twice so be prepared, even on rainy days, with swimsuits and swim towels, because the weather will often clear! We ask that women wear one piece swimsuits that are more on the “conservative” side and that men wear “trunk”-style swimsuits.  


Do I have to swim? 

Yes!  Counselors are in the water, helping teach swim to their campers (assisting the Swim Staff), and watching for the camper’s safety. Since swim lessons are coordinated and taught by Mosholu’s  swim staff, you don’t need to be certified as a lifeguard to teach swim at Mosholu, you will assist in a depth you are comfortable.

How do you handle discipline?

Conduct in violation of Mosholu’s employment policies (explained in greater detail in staff handbook) may be grounds for a reduction of duties, reassignment of position or dismissal. If a staff member’s duties are reduced or their position changes for disciplinary reasons, this may result in a reduction of salary.

As for camper discipline, we must remember that the campers are our clients and we make every attempt to discuss and resolve issues rather than punish.  If behavioral issues continue, counselors consult their supervisors for ways to resolve them.

Do you allow tips?
We do, but staff members are prohibited from soliciting tips from campers or parents.  We will send out a letter informing parents of our policies.

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