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The Mosholu Montefiore Community Center
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Mosholu Montefiore
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Camp Employment Application

To find out more information about our summer camp positions, click here. 

The following application for employment can be used for summer positions at Mosholu Day Camp, Camp Welmet & Explorer Day Camp (all located in Harriman State Park) or for the Mosholu School Based City-Summer Camps in the Bronx. Please be prepared to supply references including names, addresses and phone numbers.

All applications will be considered and a member of our staff will contact you only if we feel your qualifications meet our needs.

Last Name:
First Name:
Sex: Male
Year of High School Graduation:
Email Address:
Position Applying For: Unit Leader- Must have BA
Asst Unit Leader- BA preferred
Senior Counselor-19 yrs & college
Asst Counselor- HS Graduate
Junior Counselor- 16- 18 yrs
Specialist- Teaching experience
Asst Specialist- Experience
WSI- Current Certificates
Lifeguard- Waterfront certified
EMT- Current Certificates
Maintenance- Experienced
Administrative- Experienced
List any experience that you have that qualifies you for this position:
On a scale of 0-5, with 0 being a non-swimmer and 5 being excellent, how well do you swim?
If you are applying for a specialist position, please choose the area of your expertise: Arts & Crafts
Beads & Lanyard
Martial Arts
Aerobics & Zumba
Vocal Music
General Sports
Floor Hockey
Adventure Courses
Team Building
Teaching- Math
Teaching- Science
Teaching- Reading
Teaching- Writing
Teaching- Social Studies
Teaching- Health
Please list specialist qualifications such as relative teaching experience and certificates:
Check all that apply: I can get to 3450 Dekalb Ave. everyday before 8:00 to board the bus and then travel to the camp
I am available to use my own transportation to get to the camps in Harriman State Park
I am interested in working at a school program in the Bronx and have transportation to get to the different schools

Contact Information

Home Phone:
Home Address (include apt.):
Zip Code:
Cell Phone:
Best time to reach you:
Other Phone:
Why do you wish to work at camp:
Highest level of education you have completed:
Are you currently enrolled in school: Yes
If so, what school:
If you are enrolled or have been enrolled in college, how many credits have you completed? (You will be asked to provide a copy of your transcript to verify):
Name of Emergency Contact:
Emergency Contact Phone Number:

Employment History-  Please note previous camp or childcare experience is required.  Babysitting is not acceptable experience.

Do you have camp experience: Yes
If yes, please let us know what type of experience. Please provide dates:
Name of camp employed or attended or any other childcare employer:
Dates employed:
Employer Contact Name:
Employer Contact Phone Number:

References- Please complete all information, as we must check references in order for you to be employed

Please list the name of a personal reference.  This person will be willing to  attest to your character and abilities to do this job.  This person can not be a member of your family or a friend.  We would prefer an employment reference or school reference.

Reference Name:
Address (include exact mailing address):

Please list a second reference.  This person should not be a member of your family or a friend.  We would prefer a mentor, employment reference or school reference.

Second Reference:
Address (include exact mailing address):

Other Information

Do you have any certifications that have not been listed on the application, such as NY State First Responder, Lifeguard, CPR Instructor, etc.? If so, please include them along with expiration dates. If not, leave this field blank:
What contributions do you think you can make at camp:
Do you have any obligations that will interfere with your availability EVERY weekday, for a full workday (approx 8:00am-5:30pm) between June 30th and August 15th, such as college orientation? If so, what are they:
Are you willing to work several late nights and over nights including 3 day trips: Yes

We will consider all applications, however due to the large amount of applicants we will only be able to contact those applicants that we feel meet the qualifications for our available positions.  Please do not call us to check on the status of your application.  Should you be called for an interview, bring an updated resume, your social security number, along with a copy of any certifications that qualify you for this position.

After your interview, you may be considered for hire. In order to be hired, we will need to contact the references listed on this application. If you are hired, you will be required to submit a Copy of your Birth Certificate and Social Security Card, valid working papers (for those under 18) a W4, I9, Recent Medical Form (signed by a doctor) and proof of education.


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